Evoking Sound – Fundamentals of Choral Conducting Rehearsing (2nd ed)


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Evoking Sound set new standards for its vision of the choral conductor’s role when it was published in 1998. Now significantly revised and expanded, James Jordan’s groundbreaking book incorporates more than ten years of new conducting insights, pedagogy, and philosophy to create a resource that is not only informative but transformative.

Unique to this edition is the inclusion of a revolutionary DVD with Dr. Jordan and Eugene Migliaro Corporon of the University of North Texas. For the first time, a conducting text contains visual examples of patterns that—with the help of state-of-the-art animation and multiple camera angles—guide you to a deeper understanding of how conducting gesture influences sound.

Evoking Sound Second Edition includes:

• Expanded material on the applications of the theories of Laban for conductors
• Sequential development of technique
• Unique new graphic renditions of conducting patterns that show not only the pattern but also velocity of the pattern and possible rotation points
• Application of the theories of Hideo Saito
• Extended sections on breathing and its important role in conducting
• A refined introduction to Alexander Technique and Body Mapping
• Use of a baton and guidelines for working with both wind ensembles and orchestras
• Expanded discussion of the philosophy of conducting
• Focus on the importance of listening and its role in arriving at gesture that supports the singing process and the music