ABA 2011

Grade One
March Jubilante – Lucas
Two Canadian Folk Songs - McGinty
King’s Court - Huckeby
Starship Overture – Feldstein
Bartok Suite – Bartok/Clark
Ritual Dance – Story
Majestica – Balmages
Grade Two
Chant and Savage Dance - Balmages
Bugs – Shaffer
Song of the Hebrides – Daehn
A Tallis Prelude – Akey
Overture on a Shaker Tune - Higgins
Marching Song – Holst/Moss
Newfoundland Folk Song – Duff
Grade Three
The King Across the Water – Fraser
Three Scottish Vistas – Owens
At Morning's First Light - Gillingham
St. Florian Chorale - Doss
Variation Overture - Williams
Prelude/Fugue Bb Major – Bach/Moehlmann
The Sleeping Place of the Stars – Ford
Grade Four
Three Celtic Dances - Balmages
Prelude Siciliano and Rondo – Arnold/Paynter
Aquarium – DeMeij
Three London Miniatures – Camphouse
Dreams and Proclamations – Barrett
A Canadian Folk Rhapsody - Coakley
Gathering of the Yeoman – Smith
Grade Five
October - Whitacre
Metroplex: Three Postcards from Manhattan - Sheldon
Pageant - Persichetti
Handel in the Strand – Grainger*
Suite of Old American Dances – Bennett**
The Fisher Who Died in His Bed - Herberman
Procession of the Nobles – Korsakov/Leidzen
Havendance – Holsinger
*Choose either/or of the faster pieces, or all three as a set

**Minimum requirement any three movements
Grade Six
Suite Francaise - Milhaud
Masquerade - Persichetti
Postcard - Ticheli
Heroes Lost and Fallen - Gillingham
Passacaglia-Homage on Bach - Nelson
Symphony #3 for Band - Giannini
New World Dances - Ellerby