FJH Beginner Guitar Method 3 with CD



The Lesson Book 3 provides a seamless transition from Book 2, introducing complete chords with many opportunities to strum while the teacher plays the melody. New concepts include: dotted quarter notes, hammer-ons and pull-offs, major and minor pentatonic scales, major key theory and major scales, power chords, palm mute, solo styles, and music in Second Position. Music styles include popular, rock ‘n’ roll, blues, classics, themes from around the world, and music from various eras. New features include: Dotted Quarter Notes Through the Ages (with Timeline), and a National Anthem Suite. Many optional teacher duets are included. Students may also enjoy playing the teacher duet parts as well!

Every song title has two tracks on the CD:
1) the teacher duet on the left channel and the student solo on the right channel;
2) an orchestration at a performance tempo where the instrumentation and music style matches the mood of each piece.