Habits of a Successful Young String Musician – Double Bass


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Habits of a Successful Young String Musician is a field-tested and musical collection of 220 sequenced exercises for the beginning string student.

What makes Habits of a Successful Young String Musician unique?

Tone is at the heart of this method.

  • Students begin using the bow earlier than other resources.
  • The familiar melodies enable students to use their ears to develop good pitch and tone.
  • Online videos allow students to see and hear professional string players modeling good tone and technique for each exercise.

Tonal literacy is a key focus of this book.

  • All four open strings are introduced early.
  • New notes are introduced with clear fingerboard diagrams and pictures next to the staff.
  • New keys are taught by highlighting notes affected by the new key signature.

Rhythmic literacy exercises will have your students counting and reading independently.

  • Long notes and rests are introduced early so students learn to count and subdivide.
  • Melodies in 3/4 appear early and often.
  • Nine pages of sight-reading exercises develop stronger tonal and rhythmic literacy skills.

Quality content includes:

  • High-quality photos of excellent hand positions to help students develop great technique.
  • A diverse repertoire of classical and folk melodies from around the world.
  • Warm-up pages with scales, arpeggios, tuning canons, bowing variations, and other great tools for introducing, teaching, and reinforcing skills.