Music Education and Social Emotional Learning – Scott Edgar


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Music educators are in a prime position to help students become socially and emotionally competent while at the same time develop excellent musicianship. For every child to be successful in the music classroom, teachers need to be aware of the whole student. How do music educators create success when students every day struggle with social awareness, bullying, communication, problem solving, and other challenges? This pioneering book by Scott Edgar addresses how music educators can utilize Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to maximize learning in the choral, instrumental, and general music classroom at all levels, and at the same time support a student’s social and emotional growth. Foreword by Tim Lautzenheiser.

This text focuses on our greatest privilege and challenge as music educators. As teachers who often see a student grow up through years in our programs, we are in the unique position to help them to become mature, self-aware young adults. Dr. Edgar’s book provides clear, rational examples for incorporating Social Emotional Learning into the music classroom or rehearsal. This is a much-needed text for our field.

— Daniel Brame
Director of Bands
Deerfield (IL) High School

Scott Edgar’s book is essential reading for those who view education holistically and want to understand how music teaching strategies they may already use can become catalysts for students’ social and emotional well-being.

— Susan Wharton Conkling
Professor of Music, Music Education
Boston University

Scott Edgar provides numerous strategies and practical examples that music teachers in all areas can use in their efforts to support the ‘whole child’ in learning through music. It is a must read for anyone interested in really getting to the heart of music education.

— Colleen Conway
Professor of Music Education
University of Michigan

This book is a gift to the entire world of music education.

— Tim Lautzenheiser
Pioneer in music leadership resources