Teaching Instrumental Music: Second Edition – Jagow


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A unique resource for both novice and experienced band directors gathering effective teaching tools from the best in the field including more than 40 chapters dealing with every aspect of teaching instrumental music from curriculum to valuable websites. This best-selling and highly praised text has become the method of choice for university methods courses throughout the United States and Canada.

What’s New in the Revised Edition?

– Curriculum—updated to 2014 National Music Education Standards; including relevant learning theories, modalities, and music instruction theories.

– Resources—for concert band, marching band, pep band, jazz ensemble, and chamber groups

– School Law—learn more about the teacher’s Code of Ethics, music copyright law, and examine common ethical teaching scenarios.

– Anatomy of Music-Making—presents effective methods for teaching tone quality, balance, blend, intonation, pulse, rhythm, technique, style, articulation, phrasing, interpretation, and expression.

– STEPS© Method—for creating rehearsal plans and providing a theoretical approach to understanding the ensemble to improve score study and objective assessment.

– Motivation—surveys current intrinsic and extrinsic methods, and explores the development of leadership and character in the instrumental program, including Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

– Job Readiness—new teacher assessment and certification requirements, as well as valuable information guiding the new teacher throughout the music practicum and the job interview.

– Intonation—expanded tools for training the ear in both the individual student and full ensemble.

– Program Administration— the “nuts and bolts” of managing the instrumental program have been updated with topics on assessment, evaluation, rehearsal planning, score study, repertoire selection, programming, rehearsal facilities, auditions, seating, recruiting and retention, budget planning, music library management, basic instrument repair, booster groups, advocacy, time management, practicing tips, and classroom management and discipline.

– Mind Your P’s and Q’s—considers the implications and relationships of Professional Growth, Personal Growth, Intelligence Quotient, and Emotional Quotient.

– Supplementary Website—numerous charts, figures, templates, a balanced instrumentation calculator, teaching tools, recruiting materials, assessment rubrics, various learning activities.