The Art IN Sight Reading (Conductor Score) – Morrison


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THE ART IN SIGHT READING is a giant leap forward in helping middle and high school musicians develop and refine this most elusive of performance skills: reading at sight.

What’s the secret? LAYERING: applying “soundbite pedagogy” that incrementally and logically develops the skills necessary to become a true Artistic Sight Reader.

Thanks to this layered approach, working with THE ART IN SIGHT READING for just a few minutes each day during full-band warm-up or private instruction will enhance students’ ability to instantly recognize and perform key and time signatures, rhythms, articulations, dynamics, style indicators, and expressive markings. Using short, targeted original melodies and innovative techniques, students will quickly master the skills of reading both in and “around the notes,” empowering them to sight read with compelling accuracy, musical expression, and true artistry.

In short, THE ART IN SIGHT READING is a road map to elevating musical notation to communicative and expressive art—the FIRST time…and EVERY time.