The School Choral Program – Holt/Jordan


Philosophy, Planning, Organizing, and Teaching

by James JordanMichele Holt

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This new, definitive choral methods text is perfect for future practitioners and an invaluable reference for any choral conductor. The School Choral Programincludes the combined experience and expertise of recognized leaders in music education and of choral teachers who work in today’s classroom. With practical insights and perspectives, 18 authors—all leading choral directors, administrators, practicing teachers in the schools, or clinicians—bring their unique voices to a wide range of topics.

Subjects covered include:

• Philosophies and teaching styles
• History of choral music
• Designing and scheduling the choral program
• Choosing repertoire
• Care and feeding of the high school choir – Assessment
• The choral rehearsal and warm-up
• Elementary and middle school choral programs
• The changing voice
• Improvisation
• Vocal jazz and music theatre
• Multicultural considerations
• Movement and rhythm
• Commissioning works for choirs
• Choral programs in urban settings
• Touring with your choir