A Handbook for Charter School Music Educators – David Hedgecoth


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The environment, resources, and expectations for teaching music in charter schools often differ from traditional public schools, but the teacher’s mission remains the same: to provide quality music education for all students.

This concise handbook, written by David M. Hedgecoth of The Ohio State University, offers practical tools and information for music educators who accept charter positions and are tasked with beginning or sustaining a music program at their school.

In Part I, Hedgecoth answers more than two dozen critical questions about charter schools, addressing everything from class size, scheduling, funding, and performance expectations to non-profit status, assessment, school culture, and working with administration. He also provides a brief history of charter schools, defines essential vocabulary, and offers tips for first-year teachers.

In Part II, Hedgecoth highlights pertinent charter legislation, which varies greatly from state to state. In clear language, he reviews key elements of each state’s charter law and provides links to additional information and resources for music teachers.

A Handbook for Charter School Music Educators is essential reference material for any music educator or administrator looking to deliver quality music instruction to charter school students.

David M. Hedgecoth is Associate Professor of Music Education as well as Associate Director and Chair of Undergraduate Studies at The Ohio State University School of Music. He leads courses in graduate and undergraduate methods and conducts the Collegiate Winds. His research interests include charter schools, educational policy and change, and international education.