The Choral Conductor’s Companion – Winnie


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One hundred powerful rehearsal techniques and ideas passionately shared by leading expert choral pedagogues, composers, conductors, vocologists, music therapists, researchers, speech-language pathologists, studio teachers, and professional practitioners. Each quick-to-read, insightful article includes fascinating facts about famous composers and conductors, thoughtful motivational quotes, and suggested additional reading selections. It’s an excellent university text and “go-to” source for choral conductor-teachers at all levels. Sample topics include:

– “Useful Compositional Techniques for Directors,” Jeffery L. Ames, Professor; Belmont University

– “The Yin and Yang of Vocal Sight-Reading,” Michele L. Henry, Professor; Baylor University

– “Five Steps for Planning and Rehearsing Repertoire,” Patrick K. Freer, Professor; Georgia State University

– “Teacher Talk,” Jessica Nápoles, Associate Professor, University of North Texas

– “Choral Resonance: Sound, Science, Spirit,” Amanda Quist, Director of Choral Activities; University of Miami

– “Conductor vs. Cooking Appliance: Creating Meaning through Temporal Flexibility,” Jake Runestad, Composer & Conductor

– “Recruit from a Position of Strength,” Ethan Sperry, Professor; Portland State University

– “The Improvising Choral Director,” Patrice Madura Ward-Steinman, Professor; Indiana University

– “Honoring Female Changing Voices,” Bridget Sweet, Associate Professor; University of Illinois

– “Teaching Traditional South African Music,” Michael Joseph Barrett, Composer & Conductor; University of Pretoria

– “Leadership through a New Lens,” Hilary Apfelstadt, Professor Emerita; The University of Toronto

– “The Choral Warm-Up Period,” Anthony T. Leach, Professor Emeritus; The Pennsylvania State University

– “Rethinking Gender in the Choral Context,” Joshua Palkki, Assistant Professor; California State University, Long Beach

– “Involving Students in Repertoire Selection,” Janet Galván, Director of Choral Activities; Ithaca College