The Voices I Hear – Kesling


A Philosophical and Practical Approach to the Choral Art

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Drawing from his five decades of success as a conductor and educator in the choral field, Will Kesling has compiled a comprehensive choral methods resource that addresses every necessary fundamental for achieving artistry in the choral art.

Written in clear and conversational language, this resource covers:

  • Building a healthy and beautiful choral sound
  • Dealing with vocal issues
  • Selecting repertoire and programming concerts
  • Developing score study skills and interpretive insights
  • Understanding the characteristics of musical periods and composers
  • Planning, preparing for, and running rehearsals

The Voices I Hear also explores important but often overlooked topics, including a discussion of performing sacred music in secular education settings, techniques for performing choral-orchestral works, choral versus orchestral conducting, and how to become a true “maestro.” Individual chapters also function as standalone topics of study.

A valuable read for emerging and seasoned conductors alike, The Voices I Hear is an expert study of the aesthetic, intellectual, and practical aspects of the choral art.

Dr. Will Kesling is Professor of Choral and Orchestral Conducting at the University of Florida, where he has taught for two decades. He has conducted hundreds of choral ensembles and nearly fifty of the world’s finest symphony orchestras. His ensembles have received international attention for their excellence and musical expression.