Produce This! Music Production and Songwriting Workbook – Matthew Lyons


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Recruitment and retention are vital to the health of any instrumental program. The key in today’s world is reaching non-traditional music (NTM) students—those who don’t participate in school music but instead perform and create it independently. How do we reach those students? Music Production! This workbook will give you and your students the tools to help unleash creative potential like never before.

With PRODUCE THIS!, band educator Matthew Lyons provides a step-bystep 32-page workbook for producing today’s music. From the genesis of an idea to a completed recording, each chapter offers a clear roadmap for writing a song using any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). It’s all here: from navigating your DAW…to creating rhythm, melody, harmony, and bass tracks…to adding lyrics…to recording live audio…and finally, to mixing and sharing.