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Alternative Resources – Theory, History, Games, Ear Training…


Music directors are using a variety of alternative resources to keep the music going this fall.  Thank you for your creative work that enables students to have music, in whatever form that may be right now.  Maybe we aren’t where we want to be but we will pull through.  If you are playing and singing, absolutely great!  If not, below are resources that can help until we are back, or can be great supplements at any time.  You may also view alternative resources from our session by watching the “movie” via the link provided below;

Here are suggestions for; Music Theory, History, Games, Ear Training and more that work for music classes at a variety of grade levels…

Music Theory

Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory – a suite of related theory resources that works for a surprisingly wide variety of grade levels. Book 1 and the games are great for younger musicians, book 3 will challenge high school students.  Here is a partial list of what is available;

  • Book 1 (shown below)
  • Book 2
  • Book 3 
  • Combined book (all three books together – popular for high schools)
  • Teachers Activity Kit

Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory is available within 3-5 business days of confirmation.  Confirm by Thursday, it’s here the following Tuesday, super quick.  The same speed applies to anything from Alfred and Hal Leonard.  This prompt service is what we call our weekly Rush Speed/Regular Price service with these two larger publishers (about 75% comes from these two sources collectively).

Excellence in Theory Book 1,2,3

Practical Theory Book 1,2,3

Master Theory Book 1,2,3,4,5,6


Standard of Excellence Music Theory and History – Student Book 1,2,3, and Teacher Book 1,2,3

Games and Flashcards

The below are part of the suite of resources in Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory mentioned above.

  • Game – Rhythm
  • Game – Note Naming
  • Game – Key Signature (shown below)
  • Flashcards – Rhythm
  • Flashcards – Note Naming (shown below)
  • Flashcards – Key Signature

Ear Training

Alfreds Essentials of Music Theory Ear Training Disc 1 and 2 (CD)  This is part of the suite of resources in Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory mentioned above.

Essentials of Jazz Theory – Shelly Berg

Learn the essentials of jazz music through concise lessons, practice your jazz music reading and writing skills in the exercises, improve your listening and ear training skills with the CDs, and test your knowledge with the review that completes each unit.  Prerequisite should be book 1 and 2 of Alfreds Essentials of Music Theory.  Available as;

  • Book and CD Pack – Book 1
  • Book and CD Pack – Book 2
  • Book and CD Pack – Book 3
  • Book and CD Pack – Complete (all 3 volumes together)
  • Answer Key and 3 CD
  • Book and CD Pack Complete Self-Study Course

If any of the above interests you just let us know and we will continue for you. 

And a bit of humour, because we all can use it…

In 2015 not a single person got the answer correct to “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

I need more exercise, the buttons on my shirt are starting to socially distance each other.

Homeschool first week:  How can I get this kid transferred out of class? 

Homeschool second week: I’m not talking to myself, I’m having a parent-teacher conference.

I washed my hands so much that my exam notes from last year showed up.

In an unsettling reversal of our teenage years we are now yelling at our parents for going out.

Drum sticks are the new toilet paper.

As always but especially now, know that you and your music classes are the “light” for many.   Thank you for your valour and virtue displayed daily to your students and the school community in these unusual times.
Hoping start-up is as smooth as possible.