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COVID-19 – A note from Music Direct

Amid COVID-19 we at Music Direct are keeping calm and business is open but with an eye on the current situation.  These are challenging times, as we see the impact of the virus on communities, individuals, schools, organizations and businesses.

With school closures this could be a very difficult time for many businesses but we are finding the lighter side of the situation and embracing new opportunity.  We are taking this time to update some parts of our webpage.  Having a resourceful and unique webpage is important to us and offers you the director an excellent tool when music shopping.  I’ll do everything I can to keep our people employed, including working from home if needed (mostly again on our webpage).  After that we will get creative!

We have a good supply of Sterisol and Sterispray should it be needed, and have more in transit to us.  Steri-spray is hospital grade and safe for use on all surfaces, not just mouthpieces, and is a no rinse formula.  Use it anywhere in the music room.  We also use it here to keep surfaces clean.  

As you know we have always been steadfast about the recording, and our webpage is a resource gold mine for that where students can hear or play along with the recording from home for example.  Feel free to link our page and the recordings in any online or listening type homework. For younger musicians Tradition of Excellence and Essential Elements and other books have online tools built in to the method for example to enhance playing from home.  There are many online teaching resources available and we will no doubt see more soon, but the ensemble experience will be elusive to capture.

Play-along books may also be a possible option for students to use at home.  Most play-along books allow the complete melody to be played, rather than just an individual part.  Accompaniments through the cloud enhance the experience.  There are a myriad of play-along books at different levels available that your students may love.  Same applies to Song Books, Fake Books, some of which have accompaniments.  Contact us if interested.

Looking for music in pdf format?  Something that can be emailed to students perhaps?  Remember we provide titles in pdf format or e-print too!  Please be in touch with us to let us know how we can serve specific needs of your school and students. We will do everything to help.

Although these are challenging days, we are motivated to be strong because we know the business we’re in is still bringing joy to students and people who need it and thats important right now, albeit more so in an individual setting for the time being.  The power of music is resolute and needed deeply.
I know you are missing your students.  But with everything being quiet, take this time to enjoy your families.  Canada is one of the best places to ride this out.  We are all in this together.  Hopefully we get back to normal soon.  If you need help with anything (musical or otherwise) let me know.  

And finally a big shout out to all the amazing health care providers.
Stay safe and a big virtual handshake or hug to you!