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Reaching Out/June Sale/Session!


I wanted to check in with you to see how you are doing.  “Hi” and “I care” is the base of this message along with two notes on what’s happening in the future.  

This has been a very strange year with teachers having much thrust upon them.  I get how difficult that is.  It’s like pulling a rabbit out of a hat when you’re not a magician, and without a hat, or building a plane while flying it.  Not easy!  I hope the “Covid series” emails were somewhat helpful.  Three of them with tips and links on distance learning were provided, with some humour.  Our staff took to working on our page while at home, and fixed recordings that needed tweaking.  That work is now complete and we are pleased to have you browse through our page.

Bottom line, I hope you are doing as good as possible during this challenging time.  Remember summer is around the corner and we are all hoping and working towards the best Fall.  

Typically we announce two things at this time of year;

1 – June Sale!   Whats unique about the June Sale?  Delayed billing til Fall.  With some current budgets frozen due to Covid-19, delayed billing to next year’s budget is one way of helping.  An extra discount is another way of helping.  The June Sale applies to everything from supplies to ensembles to full music.  Visit it here  

2 – Our Unique New Music Reading Sessions!  Our sessions (Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton – August 24-26) which have been booked for months will transition to a virtual session as there are just too many variables beyond our control.  Doing so is in everyone’s best interest.  I wish we could see each other face to face.  However, we are working hard to make the virtual rendition an outstanding event.  In the background, I am doing tons of listening to find great music for it.  Come join your colleagues in our annual fun, unique event, with great PD that will make your principal proud.

Please see the date below for the session time: 

Music Direct New Music Band Session (Gone Virtual!)

When: Tuesday August 25 – 3:00 pm

Venue: Your screen (pants not optional)

Menu:  Your fave bevy and what’s in your fridge

RSVP to so we have enough watermelon bandwidth.  A passcode will be provided.

Here are a couple short videos that may be useful;

Scott Lang author of Sound Leadership –

I Will Survive –

Sometimes we need a laugh… 

I overheard some kids talking… “I can’t believe school used to start before 9 am and we actually went.”  

I’ve discovered commas are important.  For example “No more caffeine.”  Where really it’s “No, more caffeine.”  

It’s OK if you fall apart, tacos fall apart and we love them. 

I ordered a chicken and an egg online.  I’ll let you know… 

This Covid-19 shall pass, like a large kidney stone.

A big and genuine thank you for all that you do, and hang in there for a couple more weeks.  Your work on behalf of music students and the music community IS appreciated.