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COVID-19 – A note from Music Direct

Amid COVID-19 we at Music Direct are keeping calm and business is open but with an eye on the current situation.  These are challenging times, as we see the impact of the virus on communities, individuals, schools, organizations and businesses.

With school closures this could be a very difficult time for many businesses but we are finding the lighter side of the situation and embracing new opportunity.  We are taking this time to update some parts of our webpage.  Having a resourceful and unique webpage is important to us and offers you the director an excellent tool when music shopping.  I’ll do everything I can to keep our people employed, including working from home if needed (mostly again on our webpage).  After that we will get creative!

We have a good supply of Sterisol and Sterispray should it be needed, and have more in transit to us.  Steri-spray is hospital grade and safe for use on all surfaces, not just mouthpieces, and is a no rinse formula.  Use it anywhere in the music room.  We also use it here to keep surfaces clean.  

As you know we have always been steadfast about the recording, and our webpage is a resource gold mine for that where students can hear or play along with the recording from home for example.  Feel free to link our page and the recordings in any online or listening type homework. For younger musicians Tradition of Excellence and Essential Elements and other books have online tools built in to the method for example to enhance playing from home.  There are many online teaching resources available and we will no doubt see more soon, but the ensemble experience will be elusive to capture.

Play-along books may also be a possible option for students to use at home.  Most play-along books allow the complete melody to be played, rather than just an individual part.  Accompaniments through the cloud enhance the experience.  There are a myriad of play-along books at different levels available that your students may love.  Same applies to Song Books, Fake Books, some of which have accompaniments.  Contact us if interested.

Looking for music in pdf format?  Something that can be emailed to students perhaps?  Remember we provide titles in pdf format or e-print too!  Please be in touch with us to let us know how we can serve specific needs of your school and students. We will do everything to help.

Although these are challenging days, we are motivated to be strong because we know the business we’re in is still bringing joy to students and people who need it and thats important right now, albeit more so in an individual setting for the time being.  The power of music is resolute and needed deeply.
I know you are missing your students.  But with everything being quiet, take this time to enjoy your families.  Canada is one of the best places to ride this out.  We are all in this together.  Hopefully we get back to normal soon.  If you need help with anything (musical or otherwise) let me know.  

And finally a big shout out to all the amazing health care providers.
Stay safe and a big virtual handshake or hug to you!

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New in Music Ed.!

Happy New Decade! I hope you enjoyed some quality RnR over the holidays. Rock n Roll isn’t what I meant by that acronym, but it could be. Regardless, may some rest, relaxation and good times with family and friends have found you over break whether you rocked out, or barely rolled away from the dinner table. All good!

Looking for great new lit for your jazz band or choir for 2020? Check our Selected New Music here.

New concert band is there too of course (we featured it in fall) but this email will showcase the jazz and choir choices we found. All are in stock and below are a few of our selections.

Jazz Band
The Banana Boat Song – arr. Lopez – grade 0.5 – Calypso
Mamacita – arr. White – grade 1.5 – Latin
Bad Dog – Dana – grade 2.5 – Shuffle
The Mooche – arr. Taylor – grade 3 – Latin
Soul Proprieter – Rowe – grade 4 – Gospel rock
click here for more new jazz titles –…/jazz-…/by-year-jazz/jazz-2019-2020/

Cangoma – arr. Beery and Dekaney – unison/2part – Portugese/Brazilian folk song
Bandyrowe – arr. Brumfield – 2 part – Irish folk song
I’ve Been in the Storm So Long – arr. Jones – SSA – Spiritual
Connected – Tate – SAB – uplifting, catchy and Canadian!
My Canoe Runs on Water – arr. Nickel – SATB – good for the environment and your choir, also Canadian to boot!
click here for more new choir titles…/ch…/volume-choral/choral-2019-2020/

New! – Released at The Midwest Clinic in Chicago this December is the Essential Elements for Jazz Ensemble Book 2 by Mike Steinel! This is a follow-up book to the popular book 1 (red cover). Online audio with a multi-function audio player is included (slow down without changing pitch, make loops, change keys etc). Suitable for high schools – grade 3. Student books are $18.95, rhythm books are $21.95, conductor $59.95 Click here for more…/essential-elements-for-jazz-en…

To take advantage of our weekly Rush Speed/Regular Price service with the two bigger publishers (Hal Leonard and Alfred/Belwin and the smaller publishers they distribute for) please place your order by Thursday afternoon as we order early every Friday morning. We will then have your music via UPS rush by Tuesday, just two business days, and you will have it shortly thereafter. We are pleased to serve by offering this weekly rush service without the rush costs.

Thank you for reading!

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New Music Reading Session

Hear Ye Hear Ye!  We are pleased to announce the dates of our annual New Music Sessions!

Calgary Reading Session Party:

Monday, August 26th, 2019 

Choir – 1:00 

Band – 3:00 

Tuscany Club

212 Tuscany Way NW, Calgary

Red Deer Reading Session Party: 

Tuesday, August 27th, 2019 – 3:00 

Eastview Estates Community Hall

120 Ellenwood Drive, Red Deer 

Edmonton Reading Session Party: 

Wednesday, August 28th, 2019 – 3:00 

Riverdale Community League Hall

9231 – 100 Ave NW, Edmonton

Our new hand picked selections derived from much listening are premiered at these events which are our unique fun version of a reading session.  Other great music for you too is here including jazz band and choral!

Enjoy hors d’oeuvres and beverages served to you while listening, and a BBQ/meal afterwards!  Prizes for all!  

Although the time, the faces, the places have varied in 27 years, our Sessions continue to unite great music with great people, camaraderie and community. 

We hope the steady growth of these events continue. RSVP and receive a gift at the event!

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New in Music Ed/June Sale On Now!

Hello you that do the amazing!  Please see below for what is new in music education and the June Sale, on now!

New! – Sound Leadership – Leadership Training for Music Students – Scott Lang – 47892 – $19.95  Watch the June Sale for discounts.  Sound Leadership is a must-have for any music ensemble seeking to establish and grow their student leadership program. This innovative method provides everything you need to teach, select, train, and evaluate your student leaders. It guides the reader to think through real problems to create real solutions.  When completed students will have their own leadership journal containing their aspirations and goals for the future.  Sound Leadership will help students in band, orchestra, and choir programs to learn and take ownership of their strengths and weaknesses, and experience significant growth in the classroom, on stage, and in their lives. 

A complete curriculum: 
* Covering topics such as leadership selection, defining roles and responsibilities, motivating others, and dealing with difficult people. 
* Facilitates a collaborative process of self-discovery, goal-setting, and team-building between student leaders and directors. 
* Includes sample situational questions along with a leadership contract and self-evaluation forms.
Scott is also a dynamic presenter, his workshops are great!  Here is a link with more information on Scott Lang and Sound Leadership.


New! – Music Education and Social Emotional Learning – Student Workbook with digital files – Scott Edgar –  G-9820 – $18.95 – in stock soon.  Watch the June Sale for discounts.We mentioned this book (yellow cover) in the fall of 2018 just as it was released.  Now the accompanying student workbook (blue cover) is available. Music educators are in a prime position to help students become socially and emotionally competent while at the same time develop excellent musicianship. How can music educators help their students to be successful when every day they struggle with social awareness, bullying, communication, problem solving, and other challenges? This pioneering resource addresses how music educators can utilize Social Emotional Learning to maximize learning in the choral, instrumental, and general music classroom at all levels, and at the same time support a student’s social and emotional growth.   Thirty practical and engaging activities (that correspond to the book) for music educators implementing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum in their classrooms. As an added convenience, the workbook contains a unique code allowing the purchaser to download an electronic file containing select worksheets, along with permission to reproduce them.  This book and the workbook are very pertinent for our times.


New (fall 2018)! – Music Education and Social Emotional Learning – Scott Lang – (forward by Tim Lautzenheiser) – G-9418 – $33.95 – in stock.  Watch the June Sale for discounts.Essential for those who want to understand how their teaching strategies they may already use can become catalysts for students’ social and emotional well-being.  Perfect for band, choir, orchestra and general music.  Correlates with the student workbook shown above.  If trust, inclusivity, respect and positive behaviour are important values in your class this is a great read.  “This book is a gift to the entire world of music education.”— Tim Lautzenheiser


New! – Superslick Fast! -This is a perfect substitute for Al Cass Fast Oil. Al Cass Fast Oil has currently been unavailable for quite some time with no known ETA from it’s developers.   This new light viscosity mineral oil from Superslick was developed in partnership with trusted chemists and through rigorous comparative blind testing in the market. It provides long lasting performance for valves, slides and keys.  Superslick Fast joins our line up of valve oils fitting in the middle price category.  Superslick economy – $1.99, Superslick Fast – $5.75, Superslick Super Synth – $5.95, Hetman Synthetic (Light, Medium, or Heavy) – $8.50.  Watch our June Sale for discounts.


New! – from Finale…  Are you a Finale user, or wish to get Finale?  Finale has just released v26.1 a free or charge upgrade for all owners of Finale v26.  Finale comes from Alfred/Belwin where we order every week on our Rush Speed/Regular Price service.  Confirm your order by Thursday, we order it Friday and we have it Monday at 10 am, just a few days!  We do the same service with Hal Leonard with Hal arriving on Tuesdays!  Email delivery of Finale digital download codes may take 1-3 days.

Did you know we have a great stock of concert band, jazz band and choral titles and you may use a dedicated entrance to access it?  Well its not like we work in the bat cave or in a hidden room 10 stories in the ground (our place is actually quite sunny).   If ever in our area please stop by.  We do have a special entrance that brings you straight to us (just down the left side).  That dedicated entrance is partly why we are where we are.  If you have not visited, please do so whenever close.  Visit short, visit long.  Get a little, get a lot.  A quick retina scan on the first visit will be all that is required.
Our wacky June Sale is on! Billing on the June Sale can be delayed till fall and next year’s budget.  Or immediate billing can be provided if you need to deplete your current budget quickly before it is taken away.  And speaking of budgets that is a good reminder to check your budget, and use up what may be remaining.  Show your administration your budget is important by spending all of it, and leaving it like an old worn sack of woe (thought you might enjoy the jazz reference). 

I’ve just started the annual process of listening to all the new music for concert band, jazz band and choir to find our “picks” for next year.  In about 8 weeks I’ll emerge from a daily self-inflicted early morning exile (sometimes late evenings) with our Select New Music in hand.  I’ll have consumed enormous amounts of coffee, may be unrecognizable and in need of a haircut.  Rising with the birds will not be missed (sorry, not sorry birds).  But when I come across wonderful pieces of new music being a hermit for this time is so very worth it!  Want to hear our current and previous selected titles?  Visit here

Thank you for reading this,

Don Closson & crew

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New in Music Ed.

Hello music education champions, you that do so much for so many!  Please see below for what is new in music education.

New! – Excellence in Chamber Music – Book 3.

Continuing the tradition of the highly popular and successful Excellence in Chamber Music Book 1 and 2, Excellence in Chamber Music Book 3 is also a collection of favorite melodies scored for maximum flexibility.  With Book 3 we now have more difficult literature.  Mix and match any combination of band instruments. Playable as solos, duets, trios and larger ensembles up to full concert band in unlimited combinations. Each volume includes 15 favorite songs with 3 parts to choose from: A (melody); B (harmony); and C (bass).  The combinations for chamber music practice and performance are almost endless!  Piccolo, alto clarinet, and bass guitar ensembles unite, you now have music!!  A perfect choice for festivals, concerts, or ensemble practice!

Having students perform in chamber groups is an excellent way to build your program.  This flexible new book at the grade 3 level makes finding quality ensemble music for any combination of instruments much easier.  Many flexible ensemble books are written at the easier levels.  This is a welcomed addition to the collective library at a harder level and is a suitable choice for high schools, or stronger junior highs.  Need something more difficult than this?  Consider Concert Ensembles for Everyone by Peter Blair at grade 4, the most difficult flexible ensemble book.

Excellence in Chamber Music Book 3 – Student books – $8.95.  In stock. Conductor – $34.95

New! – Habits of a Successful Choral Musician – Scott Rush and Eric Wilkinson.

Here’s what directors are saying about the latest in the Habits series.

“Habits of a Successful Choral Musician is a fantastic resource for choir directors who seek to develop all levels of singers. The book provides a pedagogical approach to teaching voice building, rhythm work, tuning exercises, sight-reading, theory exercises, and suggestions to nurture the entire musician. I love how this one method book covers multiple aspects of musicianship, rather than having to use multiple books to build each individual skill.”

“This book has provided a clear and well-organized pedagogy that is helping my students to improve in all facets of being a choral musician.”

This choral book is a fitting addition to Scott’s previous books in the Habits method series, Habits of a Successful Middle School Musician, and Habits of a Successful Musician, (both these for band).

We provide all kinds of deluxe music folders but did you know we keep folders in stock?  For band we have folders with pencil pockets and folders with pencil loops. Both are $15.95.  For choir we have folders without strings ($14.95), and choir folders with strings in the spine ($18.95).   If you don’t wish for imprinting of school or student names, these folders are available at a moments notice.  With or without imprinting, groups sound better with nice folders!  Well, they for sure look better!

Band folder with pencil pocket shown.
Choir folder with strings and pencil pocket shown.

Sad News – Sam Pilafian, tuba virtuoso and part of the duo (with Patrick Sheridan) that brought us The Breathing Gym (recently featured at SMC 2017) passed away this April after a battle with cancer.  Sam played accordion as a youngster but he switched instruments at 11 on advice of a veteran tubist, who told him that if he played tuba he would always have friends!  A natural entertainer Sam played with The New York Phil, The Boston Symphony, and founded The Empire Brass.  Sam was 69.

Congratulations to the Canadian Rocky Mountain Festival which had a successful festival recently in Banff.  We are pleased to assist and provide help for the festival, which typically attracts Saskatchewan groups.   Pete Meechan known to many in Saskatchewan had a world premiere of his new composition let this place at the festival.  This and other festivals are truly a boon to music education.

Thank you for reading.
Have a great spring (maybe, we can hope).

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New in Music Education!

New! – Count Me In – Williams and Balmages

Released at the Midwest Clinic last month Count Me In is a comprehensive approach to rhythm (by Darcy Williams and Brian Balmages) starting from the most basic quarter note moving through to advanced compound meters. Instruments are not necessary, this method aims to teach the rhythms without the need for advanced technique! As such it can work for band, choir, orchestra, guitar etc. Count Me In is for directors with beginner students before they get instruments, to directors with developing groups seeking stronger pulse and rhythm skills. Count Me In is an all in one book, everyone uses the same book. – $8.95 – in stock.


New in Concert Band!

Looking for a nice grade 3 composition for your band, one that is also Canadian? Consider Portrait of Terry Fox by Quan Le and just recently published by Music Mentors International (Dale Lonis). Portrait of Terry Fox is the recipient of the 2018 Howard Cable Memorial Prize in Composition. In honour of Quan’s legacy all proceeds from the sale go to Quan’s wife and three young boys. To listen click here;…/portrait-of-terry-fox-q-h-lee/. $98. In stock.


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June Sale On Now/New in Music Education!

June Sale On Now! – A sign summer is on the way, our annual June Sale is on now! Visit our new page (more on that below) for pricing and details, grab the sale price, and then start the car! Billing delayed till September on next years budget. Don’t let our inability to read a calendar stop you. We are pleased to stretch the dates and offer this early for everyone’s benefit. Think of it as budget yoga! Also see below for our New Music Session dates (yay!) and what’s new in music education.

New! – Excellence in Chamber Music, Book 2 by Bruce Pearson. Excellence in Chamber Music, Book 2 is a collection of flexibly-scored ensembles­-perfect for festivals, concerts, summer camps, or ensemble practice. All fifteen songs are arranged for any combination of band instruments, from solo to small ensemble to full concert band. Excellence in Chamber Music Book 2 is correlated with Tradition of Excellence Comprehensive Band Method, Book 2. Grade 2.5. $8.99. See our sale for reduced prices on this and all books.


Originally this post included an announcement about the availability of Rico 50 pack reeds, but unfortunately, we regret to inform you that the 50 packs are not available, as per notification from the manufacturer.

For those directors that may be down-hearted thinking I wish I could take advantage of the June Sale but I don’t have money, don’t fret! This sale is for those of busted wallet as billing on the June Sale may be delayed till fall on next years budget! Broke music directors everywhere rejoice and sing Hallelujah!

Elementary Music Rudiments by Mark Sarnecki. Looking for a new theory book for your band or choir class? Consider the Elementary Music Rudiments (2nd ed.) published by Frederick Harris Music, available in Basic ($18.95), Intermediate ($23.95), and Advanced ($24.95). Spiral bound. Mark Sarnecki’s comprehensive approach to music theory gives students of all levels the tools they need to become well-rounded musicians. Each book in these progressive series includes clear and concise lessons, using language appropriate for students at each stage of their development. Helpful diagrams and images accompany each lesson and combine with a variety of engaging learning activities to reinforce essential skills and knowledge. Elementary Music Rudiments, 2nd Edition organizes concepts into three progressive levels with an Answer Book available separately. Visit our page for sale prices.

Unique New Music Sessions. Below are the dates for our fun and distinctive version of a reading session. See the best in brand new music for concert band, jazz band and choir. Be wined and dined. Hold the date.

Red Deer – Friday August 24, 2018 @ 3:00 p.m. Eastview Estates Community Hall
Calgary – Monday August 27, 2018 – two sessions, choir @ 1:00 pm, band @ 3:00 p.m. Tuscany Club
Edmonton – Tuesday August 28, 2018 @ 3:00 p.m. Riverdale Community League Hall

Speaking of sessions if you have not had the chance to review the current hand picked titles premiered at this years sessions at the start of the school year please do so or consider a few provided below, literature well worth your time. Click here for a recording on our new (and almost finished) web page

Concert Band
Southhamptom March – Robert Sheldon – grade 1.5
Kaalin’s Flight – Ryan Meeboer – grade 2.5
Persian Dance No. 2 – Amir Molookpour – grade 3 (or difficult grade 2.5)
Dos Danzas Latinas – Andre Waignein – grade 3.5
Folk Tune (Sheep Shearing Song) – Grainger arr. Mark Rogers – grade 4

Jazz Band
Sonnymoon for Two – Sonny Rollins are. Paul Martha – grade 1.5 swing
Hip Hug Her – arr. Rick Stitzel – grade 2 funk
Acronymn Blues – Doug Beach – grade 3 shuffle

I Believe in the Sun – Thomas Juneau – 2 part
Soldier’s Cry – Trent Worthington – SA (great for Remembrance Day)
Catch a Falling Star – arr. Peter Sicotte – SATB
Homeward Bound – Holst arr. Mary Crocket – SATB

New Web Page! We have been working hard on our new web page, but its a big job. Each of our hand picked titles over the last 25 years needs to be edited individually. Thats well over 1000 concert band, jazz band and choral recordings and score views. Plus hundreds of entries for method books, reeds, supplies and more. A big thank you to our staff who have been working sometimes into the wee hours of the morning to have this ready for the start of our June Sale. Directors, thank you for your patience as we navigate through this. We hope you like it. If you visit often you will notice small changes as we tweak. While not completely polished, our page is fully workable and ready for the June Sale, on now!

Congratulations to CADME on the recent Count Basie Orchestra concert in Calgary April 12. Great to see so many enthusiastic students and directors in attendance to hear this seminal jazz band. Music Direct is pleased to co-sponsor the event.

Thank you for reading this. Have a great spring.

Don Closson
Music Direct Ltd. – Serving for 25 Years!
Fine Concert Band and Jazz Literature, Choral, Supplies – Special Orders/Rushes
Listen @
Email –

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New in Music Education

Hello! Please see below for what is new in music education.

New! – Making Music Matter – Frank Ticheli. Frank has recently released his beginner band method and quickly followed it up with book 2. Making Music Matter is available in Smart Music.

Book 1 – In addition to the exercises, warm-ups, and drills, there are 24 original works by Frank Ticheli as well as 15 solo pieces. One of the different components of this book is that not all instruments start on the same pitch. Student books $13.95, percussion $17.95, conductor – $69.95

For more information and a short tour on book 1 click here

Book 2 – The second book continues to elevate the traditional goals of second-year students. As with Book 1, it skillfully presents lessons that develop creativity and performance skills. For more information on book 2 click here

You likely know that we keep the black deluxe band folders in stock. Did you know we also stock deluxe choir folders? Yes, we do! If imprinting of school or student names are not needed, these could be with you right away. Same applies to deluxe band folders. Any band or choral folder can have imprinting of school and student names.

Deluxe Choir Folder with Strings – Model #30PPS – in stock – $18.95

Deluxe Choir Folder without Strings – Model #30PP – in stock – $14.95

As our weekly Rush Speed/Regular Price service gets more popular please see below…
Reminder – we order from the two largest publishers (Alfred and Hal Leonard) every week, placing our orders on Friday morning. If you can place your order anytime on Thursday by the end of the day, we can get your music to you at the speed of light! We have Alfred arrive in one business day, on Monday at 10 am, blazing fast! Hal Leonard arrives in 2 business days on Tuesday by 6:00 pm, super fast! This is our weekly Rush Speed/Regular Price service. No extra charge for this super quick speed! Music from other publishers is not this fast but arrives promptly.

Also, did you know both Alfred and Hal Leonard distribute for other smaller publishers? Hal Leonard includes the following publications; De Haske, Curnow, Shawnee, Southern, Boosey and Hawkes, Jenson, G. Schirmer, Rubank, Canadian Brass, to name some. Alfred includes; Belwin-Mills, Columbia Pictures Publications, Warner Bros., Chappell, Suzuki to name some. Both companies have large umbrellas housing other publications. Together these two publishers account for about 75% of music for band, and choir. We look forward to getting you anything you wish very quickly from these two large publishers – from a single part to a conductor score to anything they offer.

Looking to update your conducting technique this summer? Please see the link below for Conductor School by Wayne Toews.
Click here

We continue to work away on our web page update. Thank you for your patience as we make strides to provide a better page.

Our annual June Sale is not far away. A great time to order supplies, methods, and defer payment to next years budget. But my budget is spent, you say? If your budget is at rock bottom this is the sale for you, as billing is delayed till fall! Depleting your funds shows administration every bit is needed. If you spent it all congratulations!

Once again I’m attending the Print Music Dealers annual conference, this year with a tour of Hal Leonard’s facility.

Best wishes for an awesome spring.

Thank you!

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Did you know…

Did You Know…

We order from over 100 publishers/providers of band and choir music?
It’s true, some of them are shown below.  Have a look to see some of the publishers serving music education. 
And more are added every year.  Just ask and we’ll order, from anywhere!
Our January promotion is on!  Order $250 or more in January and receive a Tim Hortons or Starbucks card as a token of our appreciation.   This applies to orders of music (possibly from providers above), reeds, supplies, method books, music folders, or anything off our catalogue (found at  If music shopping, our page is a convenient way to source top quality literature for concert band, jazz, and choral (new web update is in the works).   Card will be included with your order.  We look forward to providing a tasty “Frappucino with chocolate sauce” or bevy of your choice (or lunch) to kick off 2018.
As mentioned, a new web update is in the works.  Of our two page names, normally and have exactly the same content.  Until the new page is ready use the familiar page at is undergoing the new changes, its online but not quite finished yet.  After the transition either web name will take you to the new page.
We work to be prompt with all publishers but remember our weekly Rush Speed/Regular Price service with the two largest publishers (Hal Leonard and Alfred) is super fast.  We place our orders every Friday a.m. and have Alfred arrive (from New York) in one business day, on Monday at 10 a.m.  This is the fastest UPS can bring it!  Hal Leonard arrives in two business days (from Minnesota) on Tuesday by 6:00 p.m.  Super quick for both!  No extra charge!
Best wishes for an outstanding 2018!
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New Methods for Junior Band, Senior Band and Musical Theatre

Please see below for new releases in music education for band and choir.


Before you get to that please note the June Sale is on. Save on supplies, books, band music, choral music, reference books etc with immediate or delayed billing. Click here for the sale

You may know the author Scott Rush from his reference books below. Certainly he isa director wit ha lot of good habits!

  • Habits of a Successful Band Director
  • The Evolution of a Successful Band Director
  • Habits of a Successful Middle School Band Director
  • Quality of Life Habits of a Successful Band Director
  • Habits of a Successful Choir Director

Please see below for Scott’s two new band methods:

New! – Habits of a Successful Middle School Musician – (A Comprehensive Method Book for Years Two, Three, and Beyond) by Scott Rush / Jeff Scott / Emily Wilkinson / Rich Moon / Kevin Boyle – Editor: Marguerite Wilder – $14.95

Perfect for use by an entire band or solo player for years two, three, and beyond, this series contains carefully sequenced warm-ups, chorales, sight-reading etudes, rhythm vocabulary exercises, and much more. In one place, this series presents everything an aspiring player needs to build fundamental musicianship skills and then be able to transfer those skills directly into the performance of great literature.

Habits of a Successful Middle School Musician:

  • Provides material for use during fundamentals time that promotes a comprehensive approach to developing skills necessary to fill the musical toolbox.
  • Presents effective exercises for clarinets going over the break, trombones in second and fifth position, flutes going from C to D, percussion sticking, trombone F-attachment tips, and L and R indicators for clarinet.
  • Includes a sequential format that leads to the mastery of reading rhythms and ultimately, to musical sight-reading.
  • Provides chorales for the development of tone quality, ensemble sonority, and musicianship.
  • Combines pedagogy, technique building, fundamentals development, sight-reading, and musicianship into one book under one cover.

Habits of a Successful Middle School Musician is the answer to the question, “What should I be learning during fundamentals time?”

New! – Habits of a Successful Musician – A Comprehensive Curriculum/Method for Use During Fundamentals Time  – Scott Rush and Rich Moon – $14.95

Habits of a Successful Musician is a vital, field-tested series for building fundamentals and – most important – a musical collection of more than 200 sequential sigh-reading exercises.

Perfect for use by an entire band at most likely a high school level, this series contains carefully sequenced warm-ups, sight-reading etudes, rhythm vocabulary builders, and much more. In one place, this series collects everything an aspiring player needs to build fundamental musicianship skills and then be able to transfer those skills directly into the performance of great literature.

Habits of a Successful Musician:

  • Provides material for use during fundamentals time that would promote a comprehensive approach to developing skills necessary to fill the musical toolbox.
  • Promotes the idea that fundamentals time should transfer directly into the performance of great literature.
  • Includes a sequential format that leads to the mastery of reading rhythms and, ultimately, to musical sight-reading.
  • Provides chorales for the development of tone quality, ensemble sonority, and musicianship.
  • Presents rhythm charts in a new format to allow transfer from timing and rhythm to pitches in a musical context.
  • Provides audition etude sight-reading in a full-band format that is well thought-out in scope and sequence.
  • Presents exercises in various keys, tonalities, and modes to aid in the development of the complete musician.
  • Creates a mindset intent on establishing a culture of excellence for both the full band program and individual players.
  • The Conductor’s Edition features expanded text, exercises, and lessons. This spiral-bound book is 142 pages long.

Habits of a Successful Musician is the answer to the question high school directors ask, “What should I be learning during fundamentals time?”

New! – The iTheatrics Method – The Quintessential Guide to Creating Quality Musical Theater Programs – by Timothy Allen McDonald / Cynthia A. Ripley / Marty Johnson / Broadway Innovations LLC – $73.95

The iTheatrics Method is the world’s first musical theatre education textbook specifically devoted to building high-quality, sustainable musical theatre productions and programs in schools.

Created by iTheatrics, the leading authority on music theatre education, this book is the culmination of more than twenty years of hands-on teacher training conducted by master educators Timothy Allen McDonald, Cynthia A. Ripley, and Marty Johnson. These methods have been vetted by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts’ prestigious Changing Education Through the Arts (CETA) initiative, and have been eagerly embraced by New York City’s Department of Education.

Written in an entertaining, conversational style, and featuring hundred of images from successful musical theatre programs all over the world, this book also includes the advice of more than 100 instructors currently working in the field. Whether you’re a teacher just starting out or a seasoned professional, This iTheatrics Method is indeed your quintessential guide to creating quality musical theatre programs for students.

Thank you for reading this. 17.75 school days till the end of June, but teachers or kids aren’t counting down!