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New in Music Education!

New! – Count Me In – Williams and Balmages

Released at the Midwest Clinic last month Count Me In is a comprehensive approach to rhythm (by Darcy Williams and Brian Balmages) starting from the most basic quarter note moving through to advanced compound meters. Instruments are not necessary, this method aims to teach the rhythms without the need for advanced technique! As such it can work for band, choir, orchestra, guitar etc. Count Me In is for directors with beginner students before they get instruments, to directors with developing groups seeking stronger pulse and rhythm skills. Count Me In is an all in one book, everyone uses the same book. – $8.95 – in stock.


New in Concert Band!

Looking for a nice grade 3 composition for your band, one that is also Canadian? Consider Portrait of Terry Fox by Quan Le and just recently published by Music Mentors International (Dale Lonis). Portrait of Terry Fox is the recipient of the 2018 Howard Cable Memorial Prize in Composition. In honour of Quan’s legacy all proceeds from the sale go to Quan’s wife and three young boys. To listen click here;…/portrait-of-terry-fox-q-h-lee/. $98. In stock.